Hey Guys! Sorry for the looooooooooong hiatus.

So my review today will be on the Extech HW30 Heat Watch. A nice stopwatch with a built-in temperature sensor. This is a neat feature and as I can best see utilized by athletes and coaches to monitor temps in summer or in areas that are very hot or arid.

This watch follows me in my daily and weekly routine.

In one scene here, we have a 10:00:86- i took this time as I was told its good to get in at least 10 minutes of walking a day.

Another one here shows an IBM tape drive move time from the insertion bay to the drive bay-00:47:80.

Another photo here shows my average travel time(I think its my best time so far) from work back to my house(52:49:74) and vice verse-but traffic is usually worse going to work so add possibly 5 to 15 minutes give or take.

My favorite one was the subway sandwich preparedness time-3:21:67. Thats not a bad in and out time for preparing a grinder from subway.

And the corresponding photo shows the cooked grinders temp at about 81F, not bad!

Another photo here shows the temperature of the server room I work in-75F. But I think a DB/noise meter would be a better used meter in this room: its loud in here!


Another temperature reading(129F) was the temp inside my car during a hot day. Hence a public service announcement: Never leave children, Infants or animals in a hot car for any amount of time!

I would recommend this watch, even if you don't think you'll use the temp feature. This watch is purpose built and can be utilized by anyone in need of such a device.

-Sky "Dash"

Thanks to Sam R for letting me borrow this Heat Watch!

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