Stay Safe! 10 Things You Need to Improve Safety

June is National Safety Month and we’re focused on reducing leading causes of injury at work and in our homes and communities.

We put together a list of the Top 10 Things to Help You Stay Safe this June and all-year round:

Light Meters Ready for the LED Revolution: Accurate light measurements are critical for workplace health to reduce eyestrain and improve productivity. On outdoor paths on college campuses, at bank ATMs, retail parking lots, and multi-level garages, light meters validate adequate lighting to ensure personal safety. The problem is, LED lights are quickly replacing fluorescent and incandescent lights in all of these settings and traditional light meters can’t measure LED lighting accurately. Enter the Extech LT40 and LT45 LED light meters. They can measure traditional lighting as well as white LEDs (LT40) and color LEDs (LT45). With one of these, you’re ready for anything.

2. EX570 Multimeter with Infrared Thermometer: Want a multimeter that screams safety? Get the EX570. Built to tackle nearly any testing job, this multimeter is as advanced as it is rugged. What makes it safer than most DMMs? The EX570 is CATIV-rated to protect users working on up to 600V making it suitable for a very wide range of electrical testing. Plus, the built-in point-and-shoot infrared thermometer lets users take temperature readings up to 1022°F from a safe distance, with no contact. Learn more:

3. 1000A-rated EX850 Clamp Meter: Like the EX570, it is also CATIV-rated and features a built-in infrared thermometer. For peace of mind when performing current measurements, Extech’s EX850 has a remarkable 1000A rating that is ready to clamp onto nearly any challenge. Plus, for added safety, the clamp meter can transmit readings to an Android device via Bluetooth for safe, remote monitoring of hazardous mechanical or electrical equipment. Learn more:

4. Pocket-Sized SL10 Sound Level Meter: Having a handy sound level meter can make it easy to measure sound levels at different parts of a site and at different distances from a noise source. The Extech SL10 made our top 10 list because its compact size makes it invaluable – you can always keep a sound level meter handy wherever you go. With one-button operation, you can quickly get a reading anytime. Learn more:

5. Sound Level Alert (SL130G): The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health estimates that 22 million US workers are exposed to potentially dangerous levels of noise in the workplace each year. Use a table-top/wall-mounted Extech Sound Level Alert (SL130G) to monitor noise levels and enforce compliance in a range of settings. This monitor with bright visual alert and oversized LCD is used for employee protection in loud workplaces such as factories or nightclubs; for preserving quality of care in hospital settings; and for routine compliance testing. Learn more:

6. Formaldehyde Meters: Formalde-what? You may think of formaldehyde as a chemical only found in chemistry and biology lab settings. The truth is it’s everywhere, especially in homes where building products may have formaldehyde in levels exceeding safety standards. Name-brand laminate flooring products, for example, are now being scrutinized for non-compliance with formaldehyde emissions standards—by a wide margin in many cases. Breathe easier with Extech’s FM Series (FM100, -200 and -300) tabletop and handheld meters that provide spot readings or continual monitoring of formaldehyde levels with alarms for excessive levels. Learn more:

7. HT30 Heat Stress Meter: As temperatures soar this summer, stay safe when high heat and humidity turn outdoor work and activities into life-threatening heat stress hazards. Extech helps you measure heat index, a more accurate reading of how hot it really feels that’s based on both temperature and humidity. The Extech HT30 takes the stress out of monitoring Heat Stress. It’s a Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Meter that measures temperature, humidity, heat index, and heat effect from sunlight. It’s ideal for construction workers, agricultural workers, baggage handlers, electrical power transmission and control workers, and landscaping and yard maintenance workers.

8. HW30 HeatWatch™ Heat Stress Stopwatch: Heat Stress is an issue that has also become very prevalent in summer college and high school athletics, often causing harmful or fatal heat strokes. We recommend the Extech HeatWatch stopwatch with Heat Index alarm as a key tool for high schools scrambling to comply with the National Athletic Trainers' Association's (NATA) guidelines for "Preseason Heat-Acclimatization" for high school student athletes. As a full function stopwatch plus heat index alarm, it’s quickly become a coach favorite around the US!  

9. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Meters: Stale or polluted indoor air can result in occupant discomfort and complaints as well as reduced workplace productivity. In some cases, problems like high CO from a damaged residential heat exchanger for example, can be hazardous or even fatal. Trust Extech for meters that provide specialized readings so that HVAC systems can be optimized for improved air quality. Extech has numerous handheld and tabletop IAQ meters to help you ensure air quality by monitoring CO, CO2, temperature, humidity and more:

10. Thermal Condensation Scanner: With failed, inadequate or missing insulation, cold winter air can infiltrate and dramatically cool interior surfaces causing condensation on indoor walls and ceilings. Over time, the condensation can lead to mold or mildew, two of the most insidious IAQ challenges. Extech’s IRT600 thermal condensation scanner is a 2-laser infrared thermometer that also measures temperature and humidity to calculate dew point. The IRT600 can pinpoint conditions for condensation and mold hazards so you can remedy them before it’s too late! Learn more:  

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