New Extech Water Quality Meters Are Rugged & Easy to Use

Extech announced the launch of three new water quality test meters designed to accurately measure and monitor factors essential to sustaining vibrant ecosystems, preserving public safety and responsibly managing water resources. The suite of new meters includes the EC210 Conductivity/TDS Meter, the PH210 pH/ORP/Temperature Meter and the DO210 Dissolved Oxygen Meter.


About the New Compact Water Quality Meters

The new meters from Extech aid a range of users from public facilities that provide drinking water and sewage services to municipalities, residential sites and industrial users, to environmental conservation/monitoring organizations, to aquaculture/aquafarming and aquariums, to manufacturing including verticals such as food and beverage, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.


All three compact meters feature a large dual-reading display to display the primary reading along with water temperature (°F or °C); useful data functions including minimum, maximum and data-hold and a battery-saving auto-power-off feature that can be disabled when needed. Since water temperature affects many water quality factors, the meters can adjust readings based on water temperature with automatic temperature compensation (ATC). For added peace of mind, Extech backs the three new meters with a one-year limited warranty.

EC210 Conductivity/TDS Meter: Electrical conductivity is one of the most useful and commonly measured water quality parameters and it often used as an early indicator of changes occurring in a water system. The EC210 Conductivity/TDS Meter is useful for determining the purity of water by using conductivity to identify the presence of dissolved solids in the water that may affect purity levels. The meter features three ranges for conductivity or TDS and the dual display shows conductivity (μS/cm or mS/cm) or TDS readings (ppm) with temperature. The probe contains a carbon rod combination electrode designed for rugged use and a long service life.


This meter may be used for TDS studies related, for example, to salinity in clean water, hydrocarbons and urea in waste water, pollution/runoff monitoring, excessive total dissolved solids that can produce toxic effects on fish and fish eggs, monitoring water taste, etc.


The EC210 comes complete with conductivity cell and 39" (1m) cable, 9V battery, and soft case. An optional 1413µS Conductivity Standard is available for calibration (#EC-1413-P). Learn more:


PH210 pH/ORP/Temperature Meter: Two essential water quality measurements are pH and oxidation reduction potential (ORP). Using the PH210 to determine how acidic or alkaline water is can be useful in a range of settings from monitoring the effects of nearby hydraulic fracturing (fracking), mining or wastewater discharges; to optimizing pH ranges for various fish species in aquafarming; to the cleanliness of swimming pools and spas; to the effects of CO2 on pH ranges.


The new meter’s ORP measurements help water quality specialists identify the ability of water to break down contaminants. ORP levels are often used in relation to ozonation in applications such as aquaculture, cooling tower water quality, swimming pools & hot tubs, water disinfection and water sterilization.


The PH210 displays either pH or mV (ORP) as well as temperature. For accuracy, the meter can perform an automatic 3-point pH calibration (4, 7, and 10pH). The PH210 comes complete with 9V battery and soft case. A BNC input accepts a range of pH or ORP electrodes (sold separately) and a separate input permits the use of an optional temperature probe. Learn more:  


DO210 Dissolved Oxygen Meter: High dissolved oxygen (DO) can make community drinking water taste good but it can also accelerate corrosion in water pipes. The DO210 helps operators of boiler systems in hotels, apartment buildings, schools, and other large institutions monitor DO in feedwaters to ensure boilers aren’t at risk for corrosion.  For marine conservation and aquafarming, tracking dissolved oxygen with the DO210 is a critical factor for fish health, with low dissolved oxygen affecting mortality rate trends over time or creating almost instantaneous “fish kills”.


The DO210 measures both dissolved oxygen (mg/L) and oxygen percentages, along with temperature. (The polarographic oxygen probe includes a built-in temperature probe.) In addition to automatic temperature compensation, the DO210 can also adjust for altitude and salinity.


The DO210 comes complete with DO probe with membrane and extra-long 13ft (4m) cable, two spare replacement membranes, electrolyte, 9V battery, and soft case. Learn more:  


“Water quality challenges vary dramatically by industry but the factors that tell the story are largely the same,” said Mike Fox, General Manager at Extech Instruments. Fox adds, “Together, Extech’s new EC210, PH210 and DO210 equip water quality professionals with robust and accurate tools to quickly identify problems and implement corrections.”


How to Order:

Extech’s new water quality meters are available now from Extech distributors around the world. To find a distributor in your area, please visit

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