Free & Total Chlorine Meter Ideal for Wastewater & Drinking Water Analysis

Extech Instruments launched the Extech CL500, a versatile free and total chlorine meter that can be used in a wide range of water analysis testing in municipal drinking water and wastewater authorities, as well as commercial water-related applications from cooling towers to swimming pool maintenance.  The easy to use meter is essential for no-hassle, anytime/anywhere field testing.

“Having effective best practices in place for testing free and total chlorine is not just about compliance,” says Mike Fox, General Manager at Extech Instruments. Fox explains, “The CL500 makes testing easier to perform, so testing is never delayed or overlooked, helping to ensure that non-compliance doesn’t escalate to a public health issue or environmental hazard.”

Instead of an electrode that may require periodic maintenance and replacement, the photometer-based CL500 chlorine meter uses an advanced optical system with a narrow-band LED lamp to deliver accurate and repeatable readings from 0.01 to 3.50 ppm (mg/L) in under 10 seconds. For added measurement confidence, the new Extech meter’s analysis method is adapted from the USEPA Method 330.5 for wastewater, and Standard Method 4500-CL G for drinking water. Plus, the CL500 relies on a small 10 mL sample size for added convenience.

The compact, go-anywhere meter features a splash-proof front panel and a large display for easy reading anywhere. Useful data features including data hold to freeze readings on the display. For accurate, repeatable measurements, an independent 2-point calibration is used for free and total chlorine. The meter uses 6 AAA batteries for extended, worry-free field testing.

The Extech CL500 has been designed to perform total chlorine measurements in a range of applications. Domestic wastewater treatment plants test after chlorination to ensure disinfection of enteric bacteria, viruses, and protozoan cysts. Testing is also performed after dechlorination to ensure chlorine levels are not a toxic threat to aquatic life. For public drinking water authorities as well as private well systems, chlorine analysis is an important part of disinfection methods needed to kill or neutralize all pathogens in the water to avoid the spread of microorganisms that cause dysentery, gastroenteritis and other illnesses.

In the maintenance and operation of cooling towers, the CL500 can be used to support careful monitoring of chlorine needed to efficiently control slime (biofilm) and microbial growth while mitigating corrosion risks. Free chlorine measurements are invaluable to ensure swimming pool and spa disinfection and cooling water applications.

The new meter comes complete with a durable travel case for field testing as well as Free, Total and Zero Chlorine standard solutions, test bottles with covers, Free and Total Chlorine DPD powder (10pcs), cleaning cloth, and six AAA batteries. (Solution and reagent refills are available from Extech or your local lab supply.)

For added peace of mind, the CL500 test kit is protected by a one-year warranty. To learn more about the CL500, visit  

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