Hey Guys.

Today's report is on Radio Frequency. Using(mostly) the Extech 480836, I took my readings in micro Watt per Centimeter squared (µW/cm2) for power density.

I researched this measurement of power density safety ranges and found that 0.1 to 1.0 are safe levels, 1.0 to 10 are cautionary ranges and any range above 10 is dangerous in long periods of time(time ranges not given).

Although I had tested cell phone usage, I tested the area that I work in FLIR and found some very interesting finds in the morning.

At (Time:AM):

8:40: 0.4µW/cm2

8:41: 9.6µW/cm2

8:42: 0.5µW/cm2

8:43: 6.0µW/cm2

8:44: 0.5µW/cm2

8:45: 0.190µW/cm2

8:46: 0.4µW/cm2

8:47: 9.0µW/cm2

8:48: 0.4µW/cm2

8:49: 8.3µW/cm2

8:50: 0.5µW/cm2

8:51: 9.8µW/cm2

8:58: 8.1µW/cm2

This I found out was coming from the Raymarine Radar units outback. Interesting that none of these readings were in the danger zone but came awfully close.

I also checked out our new 1100Watt microwave we got for Christmas this year:

Right smack in front of the running machine, it registered between 20 and 40µW/cm2. about 1.5 to 2 feet away was around 3 to 4µW/cm2 and from 3 feet+ away it registered about 1 to 2µW/cm2(give or take ±1.5 or ±2).

They say if your microwave is running, you should be too.

In short, the Moral statement, Everything in moderation, comes to mind. But in this case of RF/EMF contact, its wise to avoid it altogether or to utilize a RF that's low enough to not cause bodily hard.

More pictures to come.



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