Extech Launches Electrical & Industrial Troubleshooting Test Kits

Extech Instruments, announced the launch of two innovative test tool kits designed for effective troubleshooting by electrical contractors and by industrial/plant technicians. Both test kits feature several essential test instruments coupled with the Extech MG300, an insulation resistance tester with built-in true RMS multimeter that was awarded a Showstopper Award by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).

Mike Fox, General Manager at Extech Instruments, commented on why such toolkits are vital, “Ask your maintenance team: ‘How can we improve our insulation resistance testing?’ You will probably get varying answers, but generally, they will point to the need for better practices with more routine testing in order to find problems before they turn into failures.” Fox adds, “Extech tackled this problem head-on by looking at ways to arm electrical and plant maintenance technicians with the tools they need—when they need it—for more frequent testing.”

About the Test Kits

Both troubleshooting kits feature the award-winning MG300, a rugged and waterproof insulation resistance tester with built-in true RMS multimeter. By having robust insulation testing capabilities and a digital multimeter, electricians are always ready and equipped for insulation testing, making it a more routine part of predictive maintenance with faster troubleshooting and repairs without additional tools.

The megohmmeter uses 4 test voltages for testing up to 4 GΩ. The built-in advanced CAT-IV DMM also features extras like duty cycle and milliamp readings for 4-20mA current loops in industrial process controls. Wireless datastreaming more safely troubleshoots dangerous equipment and permits one-person operation of remote switches. Now, technicians can focus more on problems by monitoring real-time readings from up to 30’ away.

The MG300 has received a Showstopper Award, an honor given to exemplary products by NECA, the voice of the electrical construction industry that brings power, light, and communication technology to buildings and communities across the United States.

MG300-MTK Motor & Drive Troubleshooting Kit: This Extech test kit is optimized for troubleshooting and predictive maintenance of three-phase motors and drives. In addition to the MG300, the MTK kit also includes Extech’s Motor Rotation and 3-Phase Tester (480403) to quickly check phase sequence. The compact tester’s display indicates the direction of the motor’s rotation to ensure wiring is always correctly installed.

For reliable current testing, the kit includes the Extech MA435T, a 400A True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter with a large 1.2" jaw opening and built-in non-contact voltage detector. Like the MG300, the clamp meter is a True RMS instrument to ensure accurate readings even where electrical signals have distorted, non-sinusoidal waveforms. Along with an array of test leads, alligator clips, temperature probe and battery, the kit comes in a rugged storage case for easy transport from motor to motor. Learn more by clicking: www.extech.com/mg300-mtk

MG300-ETK Electrical Troubleshooting Kit: The second of the two new Extech test kits is designed for electrical contractors on large and small jobs who demand reliable tools that can find problems rapidly. Along with the MG300 and MA435T meters included in the MTK kit above, the ETK includes the Extech 42509, an innovative infrared thermometer that features dual laser pointers to identify the optimal 12" convergence distance for measurements.

The thermometer’s innovative alert system changes the display color when an alarm is triggered. The fast-responding thermometer and color-coded functionality allows a user to quickly scan electrical components and focus on identifying anomalies without constantly evaluating specific temperature values. Learn more by clicking: www.extech.com/mg300-etk.

How to Order:

Extech’s new troubleshooting kits are backed by a one-year warranty and are available now from Extech distributors around the world. To find a distributor in your area, visit http://extech.com/instruments/distributors.asp

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