Datalogging UV-A & UV-C Light Meter Identifies Ultraviolet Radiation Hazards in the Workplace

Extech has launched the SDL470 UVA/UVC Light Meter and Datalogger!

The new handheld meter is designed to measure and monitor ultraviolet (UV) radiation in the UV-A and UV-C ranges in industrial processes, commercial printing, foodservice, archives, as well as in medical practices. The new meter offers users a rugged design with flexible programming configurations and the convenience of datalogging readings in Excel format directly onto an SD card.

The new meter from Extech measures the intensity of ultraviolet radiation in milliwatts per square centimeter (mW/cm2) -- the energy per square centimeter received per second. The SDL470 can be used to monitor exposure from sunlight in environments such as museums or archives where UV-A exposure can fade or damage artwork, texts, files or fragile artifacts.

Additionally, the meter can be used in relation to product testing for colorfastness or “artificial weathering” from UV-A exposure. Additionally, datalogging can be used to monitor exposure to sunlight on outdoor workers at risk of excessive UV exposure, including: construction workers, contractors and surveyors, agriculture, forestry, landscaping and fishing workers.

Industrial Hygiene: The SDL470 is also designed to measure UV-C radiation commonly found in a range of manmade sources from UV lamps to arc welding torches. The new UVA/UVC datalogging multimeter is a must-have for industrial hygiene, lab safety, and occupational health and safety professionals.  The meter is useful for equipment calibration and to identify abnormal exposure from damaged or non-compliant equipment. For example, in plant-wide safety inspections, the SDL470 may identify potential hazards from a mercury vapor lamp in a warehouse or parking lot that sustained damaged to its external bulb allowing UV-C rays to escape unfiltered.

Safety & Predictive Maintenance: Workplaces using UV radiation should implement safety and maintenance inspections with the SDL470. As a datalogging meter, extended monitoring can be performed to collect readings over a time period such as a typical work shift, in order to ensure equipment is operating properly. UV-C rays can be monitored in industrial and medical applications where UV-C is used for killing bacteria, curing inks, adhesives, and resins.

Workplaces that should implement UV monitoring include: industrial plants, foodservice/restaurants, laboratories, lighting installation firms, labs with UV microscopes, lithographic and printing facilities using UV-cured inks, paint and resin curers, as well as welders and plasma torch operators.

“For many years, Extech has been a go-to source for reliable, handheld light meters and dataloggers. Along with the recent introduction of LED light meters, we are committed to offering a full range of light meters,” said Mike Fox, General Manager at Extech Instruments. Fox adds, “Now, with the innovative SDL470, industrial safety workers can monitor and datalog ultraviolet readings making it easier to identify, analyze and document abnormal UV levels.”

About the SDL470

As part of Extech’s SDL datalogging instruments family, the SDL470 records directly to a Microsoft Excel® file, eliminating error-prone file conversions or imports. Industrial hygienists can use the UV-A probe to reliably capture long-wave 365nm UV irradiance measurements and the UV-C probe to capture short-wave 254nm UV.  The meter ensures precise readings with ±4% FS basic accuracy as well as a cosine correction filter.

The large display indicates real-time measurements while data are saved to a 2GB SD card (included) for easy transfer to a laptop or PC. Sampling rates can be set from once every second to once every hour. Up to 20 million readings can be stored on one SD card. Additionally, up to 99 readings can be recorded manually. Data functions include Min/Max, Zero, and Data Hold. The configurable Auto-Power-Off can be set to save batteries or disabled for extended monitoring.

For added versatility, users can also monitor temperature in relation to UV measurements. Type K and J thermocouple probes can be used with a range up to -148 to 2372°F (-100 to 1300°C)  (Type K).

Along with a built-in tilt stand, 2 GB SD memory card, UVA light sensor with protective cover, UVC light sensor, universal AC adaptor and 6 AA batteries, the kit comes in a rugged storage case for easy transport from site to site. Data acquisition software, USB cable and Type K thermocouple probes are also available.

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How to Order:

Extech’s SDL470 is backed by a one-year warranty and is available now from Extech distributors around the world. To find a distributor in your area, visit

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