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On the Job and on the Field: Protect Your Team from Heat Stress Hazards

June is National Safety Month in the US, and we’re going to have some safety related posts coming in the next few weeks! To start it off, we’re going to highlight some easy to use tools that will help worksite managers, and athletic coaches track Heat…


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Extech Formaldehyde Meters Used to Measure Laminate Flooring Health Hazards

Extech Instruments, makers of the best handheld test and measurement tools, announced today that the Extech FM series of formaldehyde meters is being used to test ambient air in homes and businesses where laminate flooring may contain amounts of toxic formaldehyde that may not meet health and…


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Extech Introduces EX850: 1000A Clamp Meter with Bluetooth

Extech is proud to announce the release of the Extech EX850 1000A Clamp Meter with Bluetooth. The new meter transmits key electrical readings to the ExView App, available on Android™ devices.

The new EX850 features a built-in non-contact IR Thermometer. Other functions of the…


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Extechs EMF Strength Meters

Hey Guys.

Today's report is on Radio Frequency. Using(mostly) the Extech 480836, I took my readings in micro Watt per Centimeter squared (µW/cm2) for power density.

I researched this measurement of power density safety ranges and found that 0.1 to 1.0 are safe levels, 1.0 to 10 are cautionary ranges and any range above 10 is dangerous in long periods of time(time ranges not given).

Although I had tested cell phone usage, I tested the area that I work in…


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Extech 407730 Sound Meter

My Last day with the Extech Sound Meter I took it for a ride into work at FLIR. Although I didnt get to test the exhaust DB output, I was able to test the cabin noise. Range was from high 60's(59 in picture) to low 90's with means between mid 70's and mid/high 80's. Actually kind of high but with the tuning and modifications made to my civic, I would expect a little more noise. 

PS-Odometer is exempt. She(Matilda) has about 326,000+ miles on her.…


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1st Weekend with Infrared

So last weekend, Aug 23rd and 24th, I got to tryout a E6 Flir Thermal Camera.

Im very impressed with the workings of this technology and the multiple uses it can have: even in everyday life.

So, I took just a little under 100 photos.


Hot Pioneer Radio.…


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Red Bull Racing's RB8 Tearing it Up in Infrared

FLIR, an innovation partner with Infiniti Red Bull Racing, had the opportunity to capture some great footage at GAMMA Racing Day 2014. Using a FLIR x6580sc infrared camera, we were able to capture in high speed, the Infiniti Red Bull car’s tires heating up as the driver burned rubber. Other thermal cameras used were the FLIR T650sc and the FLIR B660.…


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Ending the Summer with Some Giveaways!

It's August, and to celebrate the end of summer we're going to be giving away some great Extech Products!

So how do you win? It's easy! Post a photo of your Extech in action here on Planet Extech, and we will pick our favorite picture as the winner!

Between now and September 5th…


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Video: What's New at Extech in 2014?

We put together this short reel highlighting some of our newest products for 2014. Check it out below!

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Fox Sports Will Track Super Bowl Players' Temperature With Infrared

At the Super Bowl this weekend, Fox Sports plans on using FLIR Infrared Cameras to track the temperature of the players. Read the full story here.

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i-Series story for a FLIR Toolbag!

Sam Ruback here from the FLIR Systems Engineering department.  Looking for user stories with an FLIR Point and Shoot Thermal Imager (FLIR I3, I5, I7), were you able to find a problem, what did you find? How did you use your temperature reading? 

First 10 answers will enter a raffle for a FLIR…


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Xbox One Thermal Images

We took some great infrared shots of the Sony Playstation 4 last week, and we thought we'd follow up this week with the all new Xbox One from Microsoft. Going into it, I expect there to a bit of difference, given the fact that Microsoft, like the Xbox 360 has gone with an external power brick, which means less heat generation within the main body. We'll be taking images using the FLIR E8…


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Playstation 4 Thermal Images

Update: SEE the Xbox One Photos Here.

With today being the launch of the Sony Playstation 4, I figured I'd take some infrared shots of it in action. Using the new FLIR E8 Thermal Camera with MSX®, I've got some great shots to look at. Remember, computers and electronics get hot, but this will show you how the PS4 handles and vents that heat.…


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Buy More, Get More is Still Going on!

The great Buy More, Get More promotion has been extended till October 31st! 

Buy Extech & Get Some Great Gear!

Purchase new Extech Test & Measurement Instruments

between October 1…


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Casey Anderson Inframation 2013 Sneak Peak!

Casey Anderson, Host of National Geographic’s America the Wild will be the Keynote speaker at this years Inframation Conference. Check out the video below, and learn more about the Inframation Conference here.

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HDV600 Sample Videos


We thought we'd post some sample video from the HDV600 VideoScope Inspection Camera. We used a few different lengths/size cameras to give some example of the camera in use. Check them out below!



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New SPECIAL Offers from Extech and FLIR!

Buy Extech & Get Some Great Gear!

Purchase new Extech Test & Measurement Instruments

between July 1 and September 30, 2013 and get great gifts!…


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Extech on Facebook Reaches 1,000 likes!

We're happy to report that our Extech fan page on Facebook has reached 1k likes!

To mark the occasion, we're giving away an Extech MA250 Clamp Meter!

All you have to do is head over to…


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Finding an Extech Distributor

Are you looking for an Extech distributor local to your area? Head on over to's Find a Distributor section, and you can find an up to date list of distributors in your area. 

Head on…


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Calibration and Operation of the RF40-C Battery/Coolant Refractometer


A customer recently wrote in asking about how to use the RF40-C Battery/Coolant Refractometer with ATC (Automatic Temperature Control).  Operation of the meter is quite simple.


Let’s begin with the WATERLINE at the bottom center of the shot, this is what you will use…


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