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IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: Extech Recalls Digital Clamp Meters

We have voluntarily recalled a few models of our Extech brand clamp meters. 

Visit and click on “Safety Notices” at the bottom of the page for more information.…


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New Extech 8-in-1 Moisture Meter & Android App for Remote Monitoring

Extech Instruments announced the launch of the versatile MO300, a Bluetooth-enabled pinless moisture meter with built-in psychrometer and IR thermometer. Restoration professionals can place the new meter at the point-of-measurement while easily viewing readings remotely on an Android phone or tablet using…


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New Graphical Multimeter Streams Readings to Android Devices for Remote Viewing

Extech Instruments announced the launch of the GX900 True RMS Graphical Multimeter for Android™. The new multimeter brings together advanced DMM functions, a sophisticated graphical display and Bluetooth connectivity that permits users to stream readings to a smartphone or tablet for safer remote viewing on the…


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EzSmart™ Turns iPhone/Android into Hygro-Thermometer via Headphone Jack

Extech Instruments is exited to launch the innovative RHT3 EzSmart™ that transforms an iOS® or Android™ mobile device into a full-function hygro-thermometer to measure temperature and relative humidity and also calculate wet bulb and dew point.…


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Free & Total Chlorine Meter Ideal for Wastewater & Drinking Water Analysis

Extech Instruments launched the Extech CL500, a versatile free and total chlorine meter that can be used in a wide range of water analysis testing in municipal drinking water and wastewater authorities, as well as commercial water-related applications from…


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Large 4-Inch Vane Thermo-Anemometers Simplify HVAC Troubleshooting

Extech Instruments is excited for the launch of the AN300 series of large vane anemometers and multi-function HVAC meters. The new meters couple the advantage of easier measurements with a large vane anemometer and the convenience of multiple Indoor Air…


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Fleet Maintenance Test Kit Designed for Vehicle Troubleshooting

We're excited to announce the launch of the AUT600 Fleet Maintenance Kit, a set of three test instruments essential for effective fleet maintenance. The versatile test kit includes the EX505 True RMS digital multimeter, DC400 mini clamp meter, 42510 mini…


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New Extech Water Quality Meters Are Rugged & Easy to Use

Extech announced the launch of three new water quality test meters designed to accurately measure and monitor factors essential to sustaining vibrant ecosystems, preserving public safety and responsibly managing water resources. The suite of new meters includes the EC210 Conductivity/TDS Meter, the PH210 pH/ORP/Temperature Meter and the DO210 Dissolved Oxygen Meter.


About the New Compact Water Quality Meters

The new meters from Extech aid a range of users from…


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Extech’s New Current Clamp Meters Offer Small Size, Big Versatility

Extech Instruments announced today the launch of the Extech MA140 and MA145 compact clamp meters rated for AC and AC/DC current measurements up to 300A. The new mini-clamps can reach into tight spots while offering big clamp meter capabilities such as true RMS precision, an in-rush current mode, a low pass filter and a built-in non-contact voltage detector.

The compact Extech MA140 and…


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Datalogging UV-A & UV-C Light Meter Identifies Ultraviolet Radiation Hazards in the Workplace

Extech has launched the SDL470 UVA/UVC Light Meter and Datalogger!

The new handheld meter is designed to measure and monitor ultraviolet (UV) radiation in the UV-A and UV-C ranges in industrial processes, commercial printing, foodservice, archives, as well as in medical practices. The new meter offers users a rugged design with flexible programming configurations and the convenience of…


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Extech Redefines Temperature Monitoring with Credit-Card-Sized, Disposable Dataloggers

Extech is excited to announce the launch of the THD5 compact, one-time-use USB datalogger which is small enough to be used in small shipping packages yet robust enough for extended use in cold-chain warehouses. The credit-card-sized temperature logger offers users a wide temperature range and the high accuracy you’d expect from Extech temperature instruments.

“Extech has become synonymous…


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Datalogging Vibration Meter Makes Plant & Industrial Vibration Diagnostics More Efficient

The new SDL800 Vibration Meter and Datalogger is optimized for plant diagnostics and predictive maintenance with a rugged design, flexible programming configurations and the convenience of datalogging readings directly onto an SD card in Excel format.

The new meter from Extech can be used to perform vibration analysis testing on a range of industrial plant components including bearings,…


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Extech Launches Electrical & Industrial Troubleshooting Test Kits

Extech Instruments, announced the launch of two innovative test tool kits designed for effective troubleshooting by electrical contractors and by industrial/plant technicians. Both test kits feature several essential test instruments coupled with the Extech MG300, an insulation resistance tester with built-in true RMS multimeter that was awarded a Showstopper Award by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).

Mike Fox, General…


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Introducing the Extech RD300 Refrigerant Leakage Detector

Extech Instruments introduced the new RD300, a heated diode refrigerant leak detector that pinpoints leaks of all CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants with three levels of sensitivity to leaks as small as 0.25oz/yr (7g/yr).  The ergonomic tool also features a built-in LED work light on the probe tip for dimly lit locations.



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Extech Launches TM55 Dishwasher-Safe Folding Thermometer Designed for Demanding Chefs

Extech Instruments makers of the best handheld test and measurement tools, has launched the Extech TM55 Fold-Up Food Thermometer. The new instrument offers chefs high performance and high value.

Optimized for food-safety, the Extech folding thermometer pen with stainless steel probe is certified…


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The Extech HeatWatch HW30 365528

Hey Guys! Sorry for the looooooooooong hiatus.

So my review today will be on the Extech HW30 Heat Watch. A nice stopwatch with a built-in temperature sensor. This is a neat feature and as I can best see utilized by athletes and coaches to monitor temps in summer or in areas that are very hot or arid.

This watch follows me in my daily and weekly routine.

In one scene here, we have a 10:00:86- i took this time as I was told its good to get in…


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Tools to Tackle Workplace Noise

June is National Safety Month. Today we’re looking at the hazards of excessive noise on the job. Routine exposure to loud noise in the workplace can not only have a negative impact, it can be harmful to workers. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health estimates that 22 million US workers are exposed to potentially dangerous levels of noise in the workplace each year. 

Having tools…


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Father’s Day Gadget & Tool Must-Have List 2015

Extech Instruments, (, makers of the best handheld test and measurement tools, announces its 2015 Father’s Day list of electronic test gadget gift ideas for every type of dad and granddad. The 2015 list suggests useful and affordable test tools for a variety of dads. Use the list below to find your dad and match him with a tester or meter he’s sure to love:…


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Taking Baby Steps to Healthy Noise Levels

June is National Safety Month and we’re taking a closer look at ways to improve safety on the job and in many different public settings. Extech sound level monitoring tools have also been used in places you would never imagine. 

Take for example, the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Elliot Hospital in Manchester, New Hampshire where specialized doctors and nurses address the…


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Stay Safe! 10 Things You Need to Improve Safety

June is National Safety Month and we’re focused on reducing leading causes of injury at work and in our homes and communities.

We put together a list of the Top 10 Things to Help You Stay Safe this June and all-year round:…


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